Au Sommet PVM

IMG_3379When you see something so spectacular as the views of Montreal from Place Ville Marie’s new sky-high observation decks for the first time you can’t help but be awe struck. The 44th, 45th and 46th floor of Place Ville Marie, one of Montreal’s most iconic structures, were recently transformed into a beautiful series of observation decks and a restaurant that offers a birds-eye view of our wonderful city. Opened just last week, Tourism Montreal invited a gaggle of Montreal influencers to one heck of a 5a7 to see the new spaces and it was breathtaking. Here’s your exclusive first look!

IMG_3439IMG_3357IMG_3383IMG_3363IMG_3467The 44th floor features both a restaurant and the outdoor observation deck. Though we haven’t yet tried the restaurant, it is the latest les Enfants Terribles brasserie. With three other restaurants in the group, this one has reached the peak of casual dining and will no doubt draw crowds. During our 5a7 we sipped on wine, beer and cocktails while enjoying canapés provided by the restaurant.

IMG_3376IMG_3447IMG_3490IMG_3375Sipping on wine at almost 200 meters into the air is as surreal as it sounds. Standing outside on the deck, the views only added to that captivating feeling. The outdoor observation deck is a glassed in marvel that features a bar, a shrub garden and plenty of jaw dropping cityscape to gaze out over. Nothing can prepare you for the views you will see. Even as you step out of the elevator and walk towards the glass doors, its only once you take your first step out into the fresh air, you finally see just how spectacular this experience truly is. If you’re visiting the city or you call the 514 home, you need to see this.

IMG_3387IMG_3389IMG_3478On the 45th floor you will find the #MTLGO exhibit which features a unique portrait of Montrealers. Through the interactive and participatory exhibit, visitors will get to know famous Montrealers and the famous parts of our city. You can learn more about the exhibit here.

IMG_3477IMG_3494IMG_3513Climbing to the 46th floor, these will be the views to beat. At 185 meters above ground, the floor is an architectural masterpiece and is beautifully, yet minimally designed. It really is all about the views at this height. From here we have a stunning 360 degree view of Montreal and it stretches out as far as the eye can see.

IMG_3522IMG_3485IMG_3415Au Sommet Place Ville Marie is open 7 days a week with varying schedules. For more information and to buy tickets to the top, visit their website here.

Thank you to Tourism Montreal for inviting us along!

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre (Instagram: @davidmajorlapierre)  






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