The Urban Life

Today I decided to take a walk through Old Montreal.  It remains my favorite part of this city.  I stopped for lunch at Five Guys and had a delicious burger!  (My favorite!)

I wanted to share my walk with you, here are a few photos!

You can find anything from clothing to art to a great café

Marché Bonsecour, a major market where you can find local artists and designers selling their one of a kind creations.

An art installation just across from the new hospital, on the way to Old Montreal.  Don’t walk in there at night!  Oh boy!

This is my favorite view of the city.  Taken from near city hall.

Suite 701, located in the Place d’Armes hotel is one of my favorite hot spots in Old Montreal.  They have Guinness!

A new favorite, Taverne Gaspar is a great place to go when your day job ends for the day and the night life begins!  Friendly staff and amazing food!

A great view in the old part of the city.

Old Montreal is full of quiet little corners.  Blink and you can miss them.








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