Osheaga 2012

In a few days, some of music’s heaviest hitters along with hoards of their most loyal fans will descend up Montreal for the Osheaga music and arts festival happening at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  As a fan of arctic climates, it takes a lot to get me into a packed area full of sweaty people in the friggin’ sweltering heat of summer, but Osheaga is worth it.

From August 3rd to the 5th you will all battle the heat and any element that Mother Nature will throw your way to see your favorite artists and hear your favorite bands belt their tunes all weekend long.  I’ll be covering other events in the city this year so I’m saved from the heat, and unless cloning me (yet again) becomes a viable option, here is what I’m most likely to miss the most at this year’s packed festival.

Friday, August 3rd – Getting the Party Started…

Florence and the Machine has grown on me since their debut and hearing songs like the haunting Seven Devils live is worth sweating it out in the sun.

Also on Friday, I would want to cross paths with Justice.  The Paris based group keeps reminding us that the French hold the torch when it comes to electronic music.

Finally, my third must see for Friday, the Acadian (and East Coast –whut, whut!!) group, Nova Scotia’s Radio Radio (listen – bilingually – to their hit, Guess What? – the most fun song that’s ever taken me weeks to fully understand).   They are bound to be a riot.

Rounding out Friday’s secondary selection is Down With Webster, MGMT and the crazy popular Fun.  You know that their song, We Are Young is going to erupt into Karaorgy* (see below for full scientific definition).

Live tweet @dayjobnightlife with pics and I will upload them the nifty photo section of Day Jobs and the Nightlife (live September 1)!!

I’ll be living vicariously through you make sure you’d do everything I would.

Check back here tomorrow for Saturday’s I wish I was there line up and visit www.osheaga.com for the whole o-shebang!

*mass karokoe sing-along!







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