Life’s a Beach!

It’s summer in Old Montreal, the Old Port is bustling with people and as usual, there’s plenty to do.  The most recent addition to the growing list of activities and general fun in the area is the new Clock Tower Beach.  The recently opened beach is beautifully constructed and wraps around the site of the historic clock tower with fine white sand, a boardwalk, a bar and a small canteen.

There is no swimming in the water (it is a marina after all and no one wants to swim in that water – though the boats are pretty to look at) but there are several misting stations for those looking to cool off.

It’s open all summer (until September 23rd) and is open from 10:30am to 7:30pm every day, except for those Saturday night firework spectacles; it closes at around 11pm.

$6 single adult entry or $27 season pass.

The view is amazing.

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