Fan Expo Canada Recap, Day 2!

fan2A sea of people flooded the Metro Toronto Convention Centre yesterday as the first full day of the expo rolled out. People came out in droves, dressed as characters from movies, comics, TV and God knows what else, to see the actors, writers, athletes, designers and artists who inspire them the most.

The line-ups for autographs were insane. Excitement travelled through the air like laser beams as folks like George Takei, Nichelle Nicols and Dean Cain sat for an hour to sign photos and memorabilia. I almost died when I saw a guy dressed in a killer Donatello costume (my favorite Ninja Turtle) waiting in line an autograph from George Takei. It was tough to not be in someone’s way with all the fans swarming around the centre and I had to take a second look when Luke Perry brushed past me and apologized for almost knocking me over.  

I did get to see Linda Hamilton but I didn’t get to meet her and see if she remembered me. I was already preoccupied with finding the table of Transfomers I’d seen the day before. I was also distracted by David Hasselhoff who was there signing autographs. At first I thought, what does Baywatch have to do with SciFi, then I remembered his Knight Rider days and all was well.  I travelled through the massive structure a few times to catch glimpses of people dresses as crazy characters. I saw a Wolverine, an army of Storm Troopers, a bunch of anime characters I don’t know, a couple of Deadpools, a crazy in-character Batman and maybe a Spiderman or two. As I walked around for hours, I saw a few more Storm Troopers, a couple of zombies and even a zombie Storm Trooper.

I am officially on Star Wars overload.

As I left for the day, I heard cheers as an announcer let everyone know that Stan Lee would be out momentarily. I wouldn’t even want to see the wait line for an autograph with the man whose name is synonymous with comics and superheroes.

It was a super cool day. Tonight’s the big official party at the Fairmount on Front Street. I cannot wait to see what that will look like!







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