A Night Out at Newtown

Last week we were invited to Newtown to sample their offerings for Le Chop, a citywide price chop on specially prepared menus at a selection of restaurants dotted in and around the downtown core. Newtown has been drawing crowds for years at its near perfect Maisonneuve-Crescent corner location and though we were seated quietly upstairs, enjoying the view and our surroundings the bar downstairs became very busy as the night went on.

Ne2The Le Chop menu at Newtown is priced at a very comfortably at $19.00 featuring a three-course meal with two choices for each course. I chose the salad over the soup (thought I did manage to steal a swig to taste) as a starter but both were pretty good. The mountainous salad was nutty and buttery and left just enough room for the main course. With the choice of veal or cod, I chose the cod. I haven’t been a fan of seafood since leaving Newfoundland almost 15 years ago (although, I do eat some fish when I go back to visit, thanks Mom!) so at the price, I thought I’d give it a shot and I wasn’t disappointed. The cod was flaky fresh, lightly seasoned and served on a bed of savoury potato wedges. To finish off the meal, I dove into a sweet alcohol soaked crepe suzette that I swallowed in almost one bite.

New 3When I got home and thought about how I would write about the experience, the first word that came to mind was “experiment”. At chopped prices, restaurant lovers can experiment with a restaurant they may not have yet tried, or maybe food lovers can experiment with a different choice of menu in some of their favorite restaurants.

Either way, you have until the end of February (excluding Valentine’s weekend) to profit from Le Chop. Click here for all the details.


All photos courtesy George Alexandar – Hashtag Media









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