The busy airport has been left behind and the traffic into the city is becoming nothing more than a fuzzy memory. You walk into the ZERO1 lobby and you’re warmly welcomed at the front desk. Once you’re checked in and move towards the elevator, the noise of the world starts to disappear and soon you’re at your room. You enter, drop your luggage and take in your surroundings; this will be your home away from home. The view outside is spectacular and you can’t wait to be part of it. The ZERO1 hotel is the perfect place to start an unforgettable Montreal adventure. Take a breath, you’ve arrived. ZERO1 is an urban sanctuary, perfect for those who appreciate elements of design such as mindfully chosen, sleek furniture and an altogether different take on what the elements of hotel comfort can mean. The use of raw materials such as wooden floors and exposed concrete, both warmly painted and exposed is a breath of fresh air in a world of embossed wall paper and wall to wall carpeting. Other hotels, with their opulently decorated rooms certainly have their clientele, but hotels like ZERO1 have the rest of us in mind; the urbanites who appreciate creativity and a different approach to our needs.

With several different styles of uniquely named rooms, ranging from the Pop rooms, which are comfortable and cleverly maximize space, to the Hip rooms, which are a little larger and comfort is still a focus, to Loft suites which features even more space and a lounge area, perfect for a couple of cocktails before heading out for a night on the town. The most spectacular rooms are the Panorama suites, which feature three walls of windows that allow you to soak up the breathtaking view of Montreal. All rooms are equipped with kitchenettes for those moments when you’d rather stay in and enjoy your comfort zone. It should also be mentioned that ZERO1 has a beautiful interior courtyard, perfect for social gatherings and several modern, fully equipped meeting rooms that can be rented for the day or as needed. There’s also a panoramic terrace that looks over the ever evolving surrounding cityscape.

ZERO1 is located in the centre of activity, in the heart of downtown Montreal, and is close to every possible attraction the city has to offer. Here, you are mere step away from Old Montreal, Chinatown, all major shopping districts, and of course the new Quartier des Spectacles which features the immensely popular International Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs and much more. Hotels, like the people that stay in them, are very unique. They come in all shapes and sizes, some ferociously ornate, while others capture the simplicity of a quiet place to relax after a busy day.

For someone looking for that perfect urban hotel experience, stay at ZERO1, I guarantee you’ll be impressed.